Corporate Overview

Since 1999, Function5 Technology Group has helped hundreds of enterprise customers—from Fortune 500 companies to regional industry leaders—control rising IT budgets in two ways. We offer effective, efficient and successful asset management services, improving ROI on excess, legacy and idle assets and protecting our environment with beneficial recycling practices. We also offer enterprise IT hardware supporting both next generation and legacy platforms, at significantly reduced prices compared to list.

At Function5, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us respond quickly and successfully to new opportunities. Employee development is fostered through a collaborative, challenging work environment that emphasizes respect, leadership, and measured risk-taking.

Our staff is motivated by doing great work, solving client problems, and enhancing their skills. Since inception, Function5 employees have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality in everything they do, whether through focus on their work, involvement in their community, or loyalty to their family.

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