Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery Brochure




Throughout your enterprise’s facilities likely sits a number of idle IT assets. Whether decommissioned or overbought, these assets are unproductive and may also create potential liability issues and increase overhead expenses. From storerooms and data closets to boxes in basements, if identified and recovered, these idle IT assets could be gathering cash instead of dust.

Function5 has developed a unique, comprehensive four-step approach to maximize the value of your excess and legacy IT assets. Named the 4 “R”s — Recover, Restore, Remarket and Recycle — Function5′s approach has been perfected over 15 years in the dynamic IT asset market.

Through its proprietary methods, Function5:

  • Delivers results with processes that minimize the impact to your resources.
  • Provides real time inventory monitoring via a secure web-based portal.
  • Maximizes value to your bottom line.
  • Protects our environment.

Learn more about the 4 “R”s and what their implementation can mean for you.