A New Alternative

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery Brochure

A New Alternative

4 “R”s = 1 Unique Approach. Function5′s winning formula for successful
asset recovery, developed over 15 years experience in the secondary market.

F5-4R-chart-medWe have developed a unique comprehensive four-step process to maximize the value of your overbought and decommissioned IT assets. Our process is flexible—yet focused. Asset recovery with a maxi–mini twist, producing the maximum return for your assets with the minimum disruption to your resources.

  1. Recover assets efficiently employing our extensive knowledge and experience.
  2. Restore maximum value to those assets, through inspection, testing, and reconfiguration.
  3. Remarket assets leveraging our extensive experience in the secondary market.
  4. Recycle assets with no market value using legal, safe, and environmentally friendly methods.

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