Asset Recovery

Throughout your enterprise’s facilities likely sits a number of idle IT assets. Whether decommissioned or overbought, these assets are unproductive and may also create potential liability issues and increase overhead expenses. From storerooms and data closets to boxes in basements, if identified and recovered, these idle IT assets could be gathering cash instead of dust.

Function5 has developed a unique, comprehensive four-step approach to maximize the value of your excess and legacy IT assets. Named the 4 “R”s — Recover, Restore, Remarket and Recycle — Function5′s approach has been perfected over 15 years in the dynamic IT asset market.

Through its proprietary methods, Function5:

  • Delivers results with processes that minimize the impact to your resources.
  • Provides real time inventory monitoring via a secure web-based portal.
  • Maximizes value to your bottom line.
  • Protects our environment.

A New Alternative

4 “R”s = 1 Unique Approach. Function5′s winning formula for successful
asset recovery, developed over 15 years experience in the secondary market.

F5-4R-chart-medWe have developed a unique comprehensive four-step process to maximize the value of your overbought and decommissioned IT assets. Our process is flexible—yet focused. Asset recovery with a maxi–mini twist, producing the maximum return for your assets with the minimum disruption to your resources.

  1. Recover assets efficiently employing our extensive knowledge and experience.
  2. Restore maximum value to those assets, through inspection, testing, and reconfiguration.
  3. Remarket assets leveraging our extensive experience in the secondary market.
  4. Recycle assets with no market value using legal, safe, and environmentally friendly methods.

Learn more about these processes and what they can mean to you:

Physical Recovery

Whether we arrive on site to de-install an in-service data center or retrieve individual pieces of equipment from disparate locations, we work closely with our clients to develop the most efficient method to retrieve assets from enterprise-wide facilities.

You can retain responsibility to pack and ship equipment to us or we can provide services on-site at your location.

Financial Recovery

The ability to recover the maximum value from excess assets begins with a thorough understanding of what assets are available, what their condition is, and what value the market assigns to each asset. We inspect, test and categorize all assets. Condition and marketability are reported out to you via our on-line real time web portal.

Function5 can buy assets immediately, through cash disbursement or purchase credits. Alternatively, we can take equipment on consignment, sharing in the revenues produced.

Hidden Benefit

At your direction, Function5 can return any asset(s) back to you at any of your company’s locations. If necessary, we can also reconfigure an asset on your behalf. These are other added advantages to doing business with Function5.

Following receipt of assets, Function5 engineers conduct a thorough inspection and perform diagnostic testing of each asset to determine its condition. Individual items that fail inspection or testing are evaluated to determine if repair or disassembly are warranted and what the cost for such activity would be. Function5 market specialists also confirm existing market demand and pricing.

These data are reported to you for evaluation and concurrence. At your direction, Function5 will take appropriate steps to maximize the value of each piece of equipment.

Following your concurrence with our recommendations, Function5 will move quickly to sell marketable assets. Prices for equipment in the secondary market respond nearly perfectly to the supply-demand curve. As such, understanding the market is critical. We take that burden off you. We understand supply in the market and anticipate changes driven by new product releases. We take the steps necessary to maximize the value for your idle IT assets.

Function5 commands a high level of confidence with companies that have embraced the idea of reusing IT hardware. This trust is based on our reputation for providing high quality, reliable equipment. We stand behind everything we sell and provide the best warranty in the industry.

Returning idle assets to their best, highest use starts with returning useful assets back into production and concludes with returning unmarketable assets to their least destructive state.

For Function5, green, environmentally sound business practices do not have to exclude financially beneficial policies. In fact, we see them as mutually intertwined.

Function5 operates under a “No Landfill Policy” protecting our increasingly fragile environment. Those assets determined to have no economically feasible market value are destroyed with base elements reused in manufacturing. Prior to destruction, care is taken to protect all data and customer identity.

  • Data storage devices are rendered temporarily inoperable then destroyed.
  • Identifying tags are removed and destroyed.
  • Factory default setting is installed on non-data storage devices.
  • All unmarketable equipment is shredded.
  • Certificates of destruction are provided

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