Physical Recovery

Whether we arrive on site to de-install an in-service data center or retrieve individual pieces of equipment from disparate locations, we work closely with our clients to develop the most efficient method to retrieve assets from enterprise-wide facilities.

You can retain responsibility to pack and ship equipment to us or we can provide services on-site at your location.

Financial Recovery

The ability to recover the maximum value from excess assets begins with a thorough understanding of what assets are available, what their condition is, and what value the market assigns to each asset. We inspect, test and categorize all assets. Condition and marketability are reported out to you via our on-line real time web portal.

Function5 can buy assets immediately, through cash disbursement or purchase credits. Alternatively, we can take equipment on consignment, sharing in the revenues produced.

Hidden Benefit

At your direction, Function5 can return any asset(s) back to you at any of your company’s locations. If necessary, we can also reconfigure an asset on your behalf. These are other added advantages to doing business with Function5.

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