Advance Replacement Lifetime Warranty

Function5 understands that network uptime is mission critical for any business, and our warranty is designed with that in mind. Function5 offers an Advance Replacement lifetime warranty on all pre-owned OEM-branded equipment. Our advance replacement allows for replacement units to be sent before the original unit has left your location. There will be no wait for repair or return of original equipment and we cover freight for the replacement as well as the return.

For as long as you own the equipment, if you experience equipment failure our technical engineering support teams will either solve your problem over the phone or approve a best-effort advanced replacement unit. We will replace the equipment with the exact model or a model with the same functionality. No waiting until you return the original unit; no waiting for repair. A replacement can be on-site and installed before the original unit has left your location.

Click here for the full terms of our warranty.

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