OEM Compatible

Our brand products provide quality, cost effective alternatives to traditional options.

Function5 brand products provide customers cost-effective alternatives to traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). All products are coded and designed to meet the same specifications as the manufacturer’s equivalent and are often sourced from the same Tier-1 suppliers. Inventory is well-stocked and readily available in distribution centers which allows for Next Business Day shipments to nearly anywhere in the world. Our Volume manufacturing, cost structure, technical support, manufacturing expertise, training, testing, and proprietary knowledge create a mutually beneficial solution.

Features and Benefits:

Vast Product Offerings

More than 4000 different transceivers, direct attach cables, and networking peripheral products supporting more than 80 manufacturers available for immediate sale.

Extensive Inventory

Over 85% of the products we offer are in stock including high inventory levels of the industry top-selling products for immediate shipping on large-scale orders.

TAA Complaint

Our TAA Compliant Optical Transceiver products originate in TAA Compliant countries and are final coded, tested, certified, and shipped from our USA based facility. Our TAA compliant products qualify for procurement by the United States Government and Government Agencies.

Unparalleled Support

Support team consisting of Certified Network Engineers and Fiber Optic Technicians who work closely with our customers to provide comprehensive pre- and post-sales support.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand fully behind the quality of our products, offering an industry leading lifetime replacement warranty with immediate advanced replacement.


  • 100% Full Lifetime WarrantyDoes not void smartnet/warranty
  • Free Advanced Replacement and100% OEM Compatible
  • Engineering Support
  • Hot pluggable
  • Extremely cost-effective products with
  • Short to 100+ km distances equal performance
  • 100Base, 1000Base, 10GBase, 40GBase
  • Massive inventory with immediate availability
  • 100Gbase products in stock!
  • Stretch your IT budget further than ever before!


What is the warranty on Function5 receivers and cables?

All our OEM Approved transceivers and memory come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Will the use of Function5 compatible components void my OEM warranty like Smartnet?

No, an OEM cannot void warranty for the use of third party components.

What is the difference between compatible products and OEM?

Absolutely nothing, the only difference is price, packaging, and service.

Are Function5 components compatible with all OEM's?

Yes, our components are tested in state of the art lab to guarantee 100% compatibility with any OEM.

Does Function5 offer compatible solutions for other than Cisco, HP Procurve, Juniper and Brocade/Foundry?

Yes, Function5 offers a 100% compatible option for any OEM from Adtran to ZyXel. Let us know what you need.

To see Cisco’s official Third-Party Policy simply search “Cisco third party policy” or go to:


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