Optics Transceivers

High-Quality Optics at a Fraction of Manufacturer Prices

Our 100% compatible optical transceivers are specifically coded to mirror the form and function of the OEM original transceiver. We use a stringent double testing method that couples a full data-pass test with 100% application specific test methods. Through these custom processes, Function5 has achieved a defective product rate well lower than the industry standard and that of the major OEMs at less than .004%.

We offer a full 100% lifetime replacement warranty on all our products. In the rare occurrence of a failure, anyone with a Function5 product that is not functioning perfectly can call us direct to get a full replacement. Most manufacturers offer a limited warranty with short terms.

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Tech Guide Cisco 10GbE Optics Reference Sheet

Cisco Transceiver Module Group (TMG) Compatibility Matrix

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