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Full Range of IP Telephony, Data, Storage, and Networking Products Delivered to your site.

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Function5 provides a full range of IP telephony, data, storage and networking products delivered to your site.

Function5 is a global independent distributor of new and pre-owned equipment from most leading manufacturers including both next generation and legacy networks. Whether you need to upgrade your infrastructure or supplement an in-place network, Function5 can help maximize your IT budget.

Our certified engineers and account managers bring a depth of industry knowledge and technical expertise to ensure the equipment we provide is the highest quality, capable of delivering the performance you need at a fraction of the cost of acquisition through the manufacturer channel.

We deliver precisely the equipment you need regardless of manufacturer. Buy with confidence and merge traffic with a majority of enterprise companies who have learned the financial and environmental benefits and who have retaken control of their IT budget from OEMs.

Function5 cultivates strong partnerships with manufacturers around the globe to deliver end-to-end solutions. Developing these key partnerships is a cornerstone of Function5’s long-term strategy.

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We partner with the world’s leading technology manufacturers to bring you innovative solutions that drive business outcomes and position you to take on the business challenges of tomorrow.

New & Pre-Owned

In a resale market flush with high-performance VOIP hardware, routers, switches, storage arrays, and servers, more companies are realizing the competitive advantages of buying top-quality enterprise hardware equipment at discounted prices.

Function5 offers a wide variety of data, storage, network and VOIP hardware delivered fully tested and network-ready to your site. We offer solutions from most leading manufacturer, and we support both next generation and legacy networks.

Function5 provides a full range of options for voice and data networking products.


OEM Compatible

Function5 brand products provide customers cost-effective alternatives to traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). All products are coded and designed to meet the same specifications as the manufacturer’s equivalent and are often sourced from the same Tier-1 suppliers. Inventory is well-stocked and readily available in distribution centers which allows for Next Business Day shipments to nearly anywhere in the world.

Our volume manufacturing, cost structure, technical support, manufacturing expertise, training, testing, and proprietary knowledge create a mutually beneficial solution. Get Optic Transceivers and cables that are compatible with top manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, ALCATEL-LUCENT, Juniper and Brocade/Foundry to name a few.

Advance Placement Lifetime Warranty

Function5 understands that network uptime is mission critical for any business, and our warranty is designed with that in mind. Function5 offers an Advance Replacement lifetime warranty on all pre-owned OEM-branded equipment. Our advance replacement allows for replacement units to be sent before the original unit has left your location. There will be no wait for repair or return of original equipment and we cover freight for the replacement as well as the return.

For as long as you own the equipment, if you experience equipment failure our technical engineering support teams will either solve your problem over the phone or approve a best-effort advanced replacement unit. We will replace the equipment with the exact model or a model with the same functionality. No waiting until you return the original unit, no waiting for repair. A replacement can be on-site and installed before the original unit has left your location.Click here for the full terms of our warranty.

Open Market Advantages

Face facts. OEMs are in the business of manufacturing products and selling those products. They build end-of-sales (EOS) and end-of-life into their products to suit their business model, not yours.

Function5’s business model is based on meeting the hardware acquisition needs of our customers. Period. The certified equipment option exists to fulfill that demand.

The certified equipment option is not burdened with manufacturing quotas, deadlines, or quarterly estimates. The market responds to the demands of enterprise customers and meets that demand with high-quality, low-cost equipment no longer needed by another enterprise entity.

View Function5’s equipment certification process.