Testing Procedures

Equipment Testing Procedures

Testing we require. Quality we provide. Reliability you demand.

Mechanical systems fail over time. Electronic systems tend to fail early or continue to perform if properly used and maintained. Regardless, any equipment we acquire is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to selling to a customer.

Certification Procedures and Protocols

  • All equipment is subjected to a thorough physical inspection.
  • Any item with missing or broken tamper stickers is opened and inspected internally.
  • All equipment is powered on and operated at all input voltage capabilities.
  • All equipment is allowed to warm up to normal operating temperature.
  • Internal diagnostic tests are performed on any equipment with that capability.
  • Internal and external serial numbers are verified, if possible, through system diagnostics.
  • Empty chasses are populated to capacity with known functional blades to test all slots, power receptacles, and connectors are functional.
  • All hot swappable cards, power supplies, and modules are tested.
  • All ports are individually tested on all multi-port equipment switches.
  • All redundant systems are put through fail-over tests to verify reliability.
  • Once a piece of equipment passes all diagnostic steps, it is thoroughly cleaned and packaged for stock.
  • Test results are supplied with every system.
  • Any unit that has been in stock is rechecked prior to shipping when it is selected to fill an order.