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The Function5

Refresh Process

The Function5 Refresh Process

You need the highest quality equipment to keep your network up and running with maximum performance. All Pre-Owned equipment goes through a comprehensive testing, reconditioning, and certification process that meets or exceeds factory specifications.

  • All equipment is subjected to a thorough physical inspection. Each cover and component, including the chassis, is examined for dings, dents, scratches, and bends.
  • Part numbers are verified and recorded. Model number is verified by machine configuration. Serial number (s) are recorded and verified as valid and maintainable with manufacturer.
  • Any item with missing or broken tamper stickers is opened and inspected internally.
  • External ports are inspected to assure proper retaining screws and latches are in place.
  • All equipment is powered on and operated at all input voltage capabilities.
  • All equipment is allowed to warm up to normal operating temperature.
  • Internal diagnostic tests are performed on any equipment with that capability.
  • Internal and external serial numbers are verified, if possible, through system diagnostics.
  • Empty chasses are populated to capacity with known functional blades to test all slots, power receptacles, and connectors are functional.
  • All hot swappable cards, power supplies, and modules are tested.
  • All ports are individually tested on all multi-port equipment switches.
  • All redundant systems are put through fail-over tests to verify reliability.
  • Once a piece of equipment passes all diagnostic steps, it is thoroughly cleaned and inventoried.
  • Test results are supplied with every system.
  • All items are packaged in static shielded environments.
  • Accessories are separated within the packaging to prevent damage to/from the main unit.