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Services Overview

Function5 Technology offers valuable maintenance and support services to help businesses maximize their technology life cycle. Discover creative and sustainable ways with us to recover value at every step without sacrificing quality and peace of mind.

Let’s rethink together how to repair, support, decommission and upgrade your technology infrastructure through environmentally responsible business models to meet your sustainability goals.

Repair Services
Maintenance Servies


4 “R”s = 1 Unique Approach. Function5′s winning formula for successful
asset recovery, developed over 20 years experience in the secondary market.



Recover assets efficiently employing our extensive knowledge and experience.



Restore maximum value to those assets, through inspection, testing, and reconfiguration.



Remarket assets leveraging our extensive experience in the secondary market.



Recycle assets with no market value using legal, safe, and environmentally friendly methods.

Repair Services

All Voice, Data and Networking products we repair must pass an inspection, upgrade and update checklist performed by our very own in-house Certified Repair Staff. This includes testing under a variety of conditions to ensure that electronics, connectivity ports, memory configuration, firmware/software and electronic components perform to our standards.

  • IP Phones
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless Access Points

Function5 operates under a total commitment to sustainability. One key component of our approach to sustainability is the concept of recycling – returning all items to their highest, best use.

A first step in this protocol is to “repair, rather than discard”. If an item can be economically repaired and put back in service, taking this step accomplishes two very specific, desirable results:

  1. It reduces the overall cost of maintaining IT infrastructure.
  2. It reduces the burden on the environment by reducing manufacturing demand and minimizing disposal waste.

Our approach to repair begins with the philosophy of putting the customer back in service as quickly as practical, either by providing an advance replacement of the item or working with the customer to identify alternative solutions for the inoperative item.

Multi-Vendor Maintenance Services

In the ongoing need to maintain computer equipment, companies usually run into roadblocks of warranty exclusions, and single-vendor service contracts which often result in finger pointing. To make the situation worse, these contracts often come at an exorbitant price. Function5 provides cost-effective, reliable, no-hassle third-party maintenance contracts that ensure smooth operations.

Our hardware maintenance services provide remote and onsite support for a wide range of data, network, and storage equipment, including servers, routers, switches, and security products.

  • Gold 24 hours/7 days a week; 4-hour response
  • Silver 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; 4-hour response
  • Bronze 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; next business day response