The Function5 Edge

Function5 provides exceptional value through skilled asset recovery services and through the sale of IT hardware—whether next generation or legacy systems—at a significant discount compared with list prices.

Since 1999, we have helped our customers, from Fortune 500 companies to regional industry leaders, control rising IT budgets—lowering acquisition costs and improving ROI on IT infrastructure—by effectively remarketing excess or legacy assets or efficiently recycling unmarketable assets.

We adhere to our core principles while taking a flexible one-size-does-not-fit-all approach with each of our business partners. Our goal is to make your job simpler. We tailor our processes to meet your business needs.

Our goal is to provide you with the equipment you need at a price less than you would expect. Equipment that you can count on from a vendor you can depend on. Function5 consider your needs ahead of ours. Always.


Function5 operates under two overarching principles.

The first is “do the right thing”. This maxim guides our decisions in all transactions.

We instill this philosophy in all our employees. Whether dealing with customers, suppliers, business partners or employees, we first ask, “what is the right thing?” While implementation of this principle can have, and has had short-term cost implications, we believe failing in this directive will have negative long-term implications.

The second principle is a firm belief in and commitment to recycling. This concept is the very heart of what we do.

In an environment already threatened from all sides, including eWaste, we believe one of the highest functions we can fulfill is returning IT assets to their highest best use. Adherence to that premise—putting functional assets back into use—results in tens of thousands of items restored to productive use rather than filling landfills or other wasteful conclusions. However, non-productive items are also returned to their highest best use…shredded, melted and separated into their component elements, ready to be reused in manufacturing.

We believe it is our responsibility to educate companies that the reuse of functional equipment is a powerful element in sustainability. It reduces waste and lowers consumption resources in the continual manufacturing of new equipment embracing the reuse of IT equipment are saving money and extending networking equipment lifecycles. Although manufacturers typically release new products every year or two, IT hardware generally has a much longer productive life.

The two corporate principles work in harmony with each other. We believe our focus on secondary market hardware, resulting in the highest level of recycling, is “doing the right thing.”

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